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The world’s first solution for Virtual Reality Motion Sickness

There are various technical aspects of virtual reality that can induce sickness, such as mismatched motion, field of vision, motion parallax, and viewing angle. Additionally, the amount of time spent in virtual reality increases the presence of symptoms. VR companies are working hard to resolve this issue, but until then, we have developed the antidote VIRMO. Take the appropriate dosage 1/2 hours before putting on your VR headset or when you experience symptoms, to help prevent or relieve nausea and vomiting associated with virtual reality motion sickness.

Creative Director
Masashi Kawamura
Design Director
Eiji Muroichi
Designer / Programmer
Shiny Lee
Creative Technologist
Tom Galle
Project Manager / Photographer
Suzette Lee
Technical Director
Qanta Shimizu
Creative Tech Director
Jamie Carreiro
Project Manager
Sachie Aihara