Small World
The Google Translate Restaurant

April 2016
Pop-up Restaurant & Multi-Platform Campaign
Google Translate
A multi-cultural restaurant, where you need to use Google Translate to enjoy the meal.

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Google Translate, we opened an interactive pop-up restaurant in New York City.

An amazing line-up of international chefs created amazing multi-cultural dishes for the 4 nights, which were served for free. The catch: All the menu and staff communicate to you in foreign languages, so you must use the Google Translate App to order the dishes. Reservations were filled within an hour after opening, and several hundreds of guests enjoyed an entertaining multi-cultural, multi-culinary experience, along with a great demonstration of the power of Google Translate.

PARTY New York
Executive Creative Director
Masashi Kawamura
Creative Director
Jamie Carreiro
Design Director
Eiji Muroichi
Kensuke Sato
Sachie Aihara
Head of Google Brand Creative
Michael Tabtabai
Head of Cultural Activation & Partnerships
Cameron Luby
Brand Marketing Manager
Ben Quesnel
Marketing Manager
Jesse Friedman
Head of Brand and Reputation, Events & Experiences
Michelle Rosen Sapir
Product Marketing Manager
Kyle Gray
Marketing Manager, Social Lab
Jane Hall
Events Marketing Manager
Katrina Lau
Events Marketing Manager
Melissa Luu
Events Marketing Manager
Lorin Pollack
Brand Marketing Manager
Tracy Hepler
Communications Manager
Evan Barbour
Communications Manager
Kara Berman
M s sng P eces
Executive Producer, Partner
Kate Oppenheimer
Executive Producer, Partner
Ari Kuschnir
Executive Producer, Partner
Brian Latt
Film Director
Josh Nussbaum
Partner/Head of Production
Dave Saltzman
Project Management Director
Brian Mitchell
Art Director
David Trumpf