Sad Tweets

August 2014
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Discover the saddest,
most lonely tweets
you ever tweeted.

Anyone who uses Twitter knows that not every tweet is a winner. Sometimes you send out a tweet that’s funny or charming or surprising and it gets dozens of favorites and retweets and plaudits from your legions of followers. Other times — well, other times your tweet is met by silence, or indifference, or the steady march of those legions of followers pressing the “Unfollow” button. Sad Tweets is a new website devoted to the latter. The site scans through your Twitter feed and shows you the “saddest, most lonely tweets you’ve ever tweeted."

Creative Director + Technologist
Tom Galle
Design Technologist
Moises Sanabria
Back-end Programmers
Qanta Shimizu
Bert Vermeire