Christmas Experiments 2014
The Little Match Girl

December 2014
Web Experiment
An experiment a day,
featuring 24 digital artists

Christmas Experiments is an advent calendar that featured digital artists from the creative coding community and each of their Web experiments everyday leading up to Christmas Day.

Eiji Muroichi was invited to contribute a digital experiment for the day of the 16th. In response, he made a WebGL experiment inspired by a classic story, “The Little Match Girl.”

The little girl sees visions of a Christmas tree and holiday feast every time she strikes a match. She also sees funny Gif animations powered by Giphy API. These visions are infinitely projected to keep her smiling and warm, giving a heartwarming twist to the original story.

Concept / Design / 3D Modeling / WebGL Development
Eiji Muroichi
Backend Development
Qanta Shimizu
Tom Galle
David Ronai
Special Thanks
Damjan Pita #DSG