PARTY is a creative lab that invents new combinations of storytelling and technology.

PARTY is a global, independent creative lab, building award winning digital products, services, and businesses. Across our two studios in Tokyo and New York, we partner with the world's leading brands on innovative projects, ranging from campaigns and apps to service design. We also create our own products and shows, in addition to incubating and building disruptive digital startups.

We prototype the future

When you’re not following someone’s footsteps, when you’re up to something completely new, you gotta experiment. That’s why we call ourselves a lab. We experiment in combining storytelling and technology to R&D and create exciting prototypes for a more friendly, helpful, and entertaining future.

We are thinkers that tinker

The best way to keep the creative integrity and high quality of the product, is for the thinkers to do the tinkering as well. Less extra steps are always better. So our team is uniquely multidisciplinary: designers write code, writers build electronics, and technologists create award-winning animations. We conceive and develop many of the projects in-house, building prototypes to test our ideas and crafting final products by hand. This allows us to truly think and make first-of-its-kind creative executions.

We love simple & audacious solutions

We take complex business challenges, and resolve them with simple and audacious creative solutions. As we live in a connected world, we aim for ideas that can instantly capture the hearts of people from different cultures, and have it talked about around the world.

We make shit happen

We feel the “power to make shit happen (power of realization)” is equally important as “creativity (power of imagination)”. There are many creative studios that talk about innovation, but so few actually act upon those words. Ideas are useless when they are only on paper. Our strength lies in coming up with weird & wonderful ideas, and figuring out how to bring that idea to life in its best form. We never built a car, nor an airport, nor a restaurant before, but look at what we were able to make a reality.

Commissioned Projects

We engage in commissioned work for clients in areas of advertising, film, broadcast, art, music and more.

R&D Partnerships

We partner with organizations and their design teams to explore potential areas of innovation through rapid concepting, R&D and prototyping.

  • Google
  • Toyota

In-house Product Development

We concept, design, and produce self initiated products - both on-screen and physical.


Cannes, D&AD, ADC, The One Show...Yes, we've won many shiny objects to place on our shelves. These accolades mean a lot to us and we're proud to have been recognized every year since we opened our doors in 2011.

But, as we all know, entering awards shows takes real time and real money. So we’ve decided to take an indefinite sabbatical from the awards show circuit. Our resources are much better spent investing in the future: trying out a new experiment, building a crazy prototype, or adding a new tool to our workshop to build better rainbows.


  • ADC NY

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    Executive Member

  • SoDA


  • New Inc.



  • Toyota
  • Google
  • Intel
  • Uniqlo
  • Muji
  • Mondelez
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Universal Music
  • Warner Music
  • MTV

Core Members

Masa Kawamura

Co-founder / Executive Creative Director

Masa co-founded PARTY after spending years as Creative Director in global agencies including Wieden+Kennedy, BBH, and 180. His background in coding and film directing nurtures a creative process within the company, which weaves together storytelling and technology. He has been selected as one of the Creativity magazine’s "Creative 50," and Fast Company’s “100 most creative people in business”.


Qanta Shimizu

Chief Creative Technical Director

Once a student of law, turned bartender and professional trombone musician, Qanta took yet another unexpected turn in his career to become a self-taught coder. After joining IMG SRC Inc. in 2006, he quickly accelerated his career to become Principal Technical Director and has been involved in numerous award winning work for global brands, including Uniqlo. In 2011, Qanta co-founded PARTY to serve as a Chief Technology Officer and Creative Director.


Jamie Carreiro

Creative Director / Tech Director

Jamie draws upon a background in computer science and filmmaking to combine new technology with traditional creative processes. A proponent of the maker/DIY culture, he creates custom software, electronic prototypes and interactive demos to support his work. Previously, Jamie spent time as the Director of Innovation at Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Wieden+Kennedy, and Essence Magazine.


Eiji Muroichi

Design Director / Design Technologist

Eiji Muroichi is a multi-award winning Design Director and Design Technologist who pursues a hybrid visual expression across multiple skills of Visual Design, 3DCG, Motion Graphics and Creative Codings. His career began in Tokyo in 2002 at Business Architects Inc., and later moved stateside to take a role as Art Director at AKQA prior to joining PARTY.